MobileMonday (MoMo) is a global community of mobile industry visionaries, developers and influential individuals fostering cooperation and cross-border business development through virtual and live networking events to share ideas, best practices and trends from global markets. MoMo chapters are active in 50 cities worldwide, and continues to launch new locations monthly.

MobileMonday has the following global objectives:

  • To encourage innovation within the mobile sector.
  • To facilitate networking between small and large companies, and between local and foreign organizations.
  • To help local companies effectively participate in international initiatives through the import and export of visions, concepts, technologies, know-how and best practices.
  • To present innovative visions, trends, studies and forecasts from the mobile marketplace.
  • To facilitate and create partnerships.
  • To contribute to the education of the broader public through its publications, online presence, and media partnerships.

MobileMonday is organized by a group of some 200+ dedicated volunteers from around the world. Originating in Helsinki, Finland, in the year 2000, MobileMonday has grown into the world’s leading mobile community.

About MobileMonday Tokyo

MoMo Tokyo is the leading networking organization supporting Tokyo’s mobile industry and has become a key gathering point for corporate managers, entrepreneurs, developers, analysts and the media in Japan.

Established in September 2004, MoMo Tokyo hosts regular networking events that routinely attract 200-300 participants. These events feature presentations from major companies, including Microsoft, bitWallet, KDDI, Adobe, MTV, Opera Japan and Warner Music, as well as SME’s, including ColorZip, DG Mobile, Technorati and G-Mode, among many others.

MobileMonday Tokyo events are made possible through the sponsorship of forward-looking companies that understand the power of networking and the benefits of supporting events that support people and business.

Furthermore, the MoMo Tokyo site provides a virtual meeting space where participants can connect with the growing community of MoMo chapter cities from around the world. It is also the central information point for all MoMo Tokyo activities, including our headline presentation and networking events and, in the future, executive and developer seminars, briefings and other gatherings aimed at supporting the mobile industry.

Our philosophy includes openness, equality, inclusion and the assumption that ideas should be tested through vigorous debate, critical examination and peer review. We also believe that initiative and risk-taking should be honored and that the mobile industry plays a key role in shaping society. There is a direct relation between mobile interconnectedness and political, economic and social freedom, the strengthening of democracy, the rational management of our future and the triumph of reason and enlightenment.

Most people on planet Earth have never touched a computer – and they never will. But it is conceivable that, one day, everyone will have a mobile phone that allows them to communicate with fellow citizens, access networks and improve the quality of their lives, their livelihood and their future.

MoMo is a tool to help the worldwide industry achieve benefits for everyone by spreading knowledge and encouraging people with good ideas to take action. As “mobile folks,” we invite you to examine how this industry can contribute to making our neighborhoods, our cities and our societies better.

Who is behind MoMo?
Mobile Monday Tokyo is organized by Mobikyo KK, a company founded by Daniel Scuka, chief editor at Wireless Watch Japan, Lawrence Cosh-Ishii, representative director for Mobikyo KK, and Jeff Char, CEO of J-Seed Ventures group. We also rely on the assistance of many supporters who have encouraged us at Wireless Watch Japan over the years.