MoMo Tokyo is the leading networking organization supporting Tokyo’s mobile industry and has become a key gathering point for corporate managers, entrepreneurs, developers, analysts and the media in Japan.

Launched in Japan in September 2004, MobileMonday Tokyo hosts regular networking events that routinely attract 100-200 participants working within the wireless industry. Events to-date have featured showcase presentations from major companies, including; Adobe, Cybird, DoubleClick, Google, HP, HTC, KDDI, Microsoft, MTV, NEC, NHK, Mozilla, Nuance, Opera, RIM, Sony, W3C and Warner Music, as well as from SME’s, including; ColorZip, FreeVerse, G-Mode, ImaHima, Mpulse and Naviblog and many others.

MobileMonday Tokyo events are made possible through the sponsorship of forward-looking companies that understand the power of networking and the benefits of supporting events that support people and business.