Mobile Monday France Inauguration Event

MoMo France Inauguration Event

Joining the global Mobile Monday community; Austin, Helsinki, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Milan, New York, Rome, San Francisco, Singapore and Tokyo, Fing and Silicon Sentier invite one and all to attend their very first Mobile Monday France at the eSpace Zen Factory on 19 December. Four companies – Digitick, Bouygues Telecom, Celsa and Nokia – with “unique visions of the present and the future of mobility” will make presentations to an expected crowd of over 200 attendees.

Welcome aboard Paris!

MoMo Turku Gets Nokia Mobile-TV Preview

MoMo Turku Gets Nokia Mobile-TV Preview

Turku is joining the MobileMonday family on November 28. The meeting will take place at Brewery Restaurant School. Turku ICT CEO Jaakko Kuosmanen will open the evening. Speakers will be Abo Akademi’s Christer Carlsson and Nokia’s Ari Ikonen. Turku to run Momos bi-monthly.

Ari Ikonen, Sr. Technology Manager at Nokia Ventures, will be introducing the first commercial technology version DVB-H mobile-tv. Nokia announced earlier this month in Barcelona next generation mobile-tv-device, the N92 and version 3.0 of Mobile Broadcast Solution, a service and management systems for mobile tv-broadcasters. Ikonen thinks that this is the first time the commercial version has been displayed outside laboratories, not counting Nokia Mobility Conference in Barcelona. Early versions of the service system are still in use several test networks, including Helsinki.

Bonenkai Report: i-Pod’s for All

Mobile Monday Tokyo’s “Super-Deluxe Bonenkai” hosted over 300 people at a swank, underground Roppongi niteclub on 14 November. For this year-end party event, we had no presentations, opting instead for a casual evening of business-card swapping and mobile networking. It was great to see such a wide mix of people from all corners of Tokyo’s wireless community attending for a super evening of cool jazz and, er… ‘fine’ wine.

It was also great to see high-profile attendees from the wireless carriers, ad agencies, several embassies and the hardware, application and content provider ecosystem in the house — plus at least a few VCs.

We had hoped to provide a free i-Pod shuffle to everyone, but the price-tag proved to be a bit steep… and with Santa being too busy to visit all the good mobile boys & girls, we settled for doing a business card draw instead. Congrats to the winners from Ante Music, Dai Job and Ubit…!!!

The next MoMo is in planning for mid-January 2006; we’ll send a notice to all registered MoMo members as well as post details here as soon as we have them. Meanwhile, have a super holidaze season.. =@_@=

Mobile Monday London Launch Event

The first Mobile Monday was held in London on 7 November packed the house at Vodafone’s Strand offices with presentations from organizer Dan Appelquist of Vodafone, Richard Jelbert from mTrack, Dennis Hettema from OP3/Shotcode and Chris Yanda from the BBC.

Excerpt from

London’s mobile industry now has a monthly get together thanks to Mobile Monday London, aka momo london. I went to the first meeting Monday evening, which I enjoyed.

There was a good bit of general discussion between speakers and audience. A common concern of the group that emerged was the difficulties of getting customers “into” a mobile product, in terms of the platform incompatibilities, awkwardness of user experience, and legal and other obstacles that make barriers for users to register with and start using a mobile product and service. Since this is something that affects and requires all three of the types of mobile animals that came to this event to work together to solve, Mobile Monday has the potential to be quite interesting.

Congrats and Welcome Aboard.. 😎

MoMo Tokyo’s Super Deluxe Bonenkai

Join us 14 Nov. for MoMo Tokyo’s season finale Mobile Networking Bonenkai at Super Deluxe!


The past year has really been a blast with fantastic presentations from insiders at bitWallet, i-CF, ColorZip, Mobaho!, Warner Music, MPulse, GMap, Opera, FreeVerse, G-Mode and Macromedia. Tokyo’s hottest mobile networking community is strong and growing, with typically over 200 participants attending, and we look forward to another great MoMo year in 2006.

With the year-end party season just around the corner, we’ve decided to make the November MoMo event a 100% relaxed and fun Super Mobile Networking Bonenkai.* And for good little boys & girls, Santa will be there with some door-prize goodies!

Note*: Bring plenty of meishi!

Sponsored by:
Morgan Lewis & Bockius and Jonckers Translation & Engineering

Date: Monday, 14 November 2005 :: 19:00-23:00
Venue: Super Deluxe RoppongiGMap
Admission: FREE with registration below – OR – JPY 1,000 at the door
Complimentary drink for first 200 guests, a la carte menu available

19:00 – Doors Open
20:00 – Networking
21:00 – Singing
22:00 – Dancing
23:00 – Last call

MoMo 2005 Bonenkai: 100% Presentation Free & i-Pod’s for All.. 😎

MobileMonday Hits a Sweet Spot in Singapore

MobileMonday hits a sweet spot in SingaporeThe inaugural MobileMonday Singapore event was a success!

Well over one hundred people crowded into Harry’s Bar, according to Mobile Monday Oy CEO Jari Tammisto. Participants included folks from NTT DoCoMo, regional managers from Nokia and mobile operators Starhub, SingTel Mobile and Mobile One, Yahoo Asia Pacific, Starcut, Open Mobile, Mobile365, Gartner, Philips, Finpro, Logica, Seven, Reuters, BBC, Mobile World, Nemo Technologies and Meridea, among others. Jari Tammisto also signed a memorandum of understanding with Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation in the presence of the Finnish and Singaporean ministers of trade and industry. Update: See their Flash Web Video Here!

Meanwhile, the Silicon Valley October Mobile Monday was a “Barn Buster,” according to organizer Russell Beattie, with over 300 people packed into Google’s auditorium to hear the panel and see the demos. The meeting was broadcast over Userplan’s Flash-based group chat. “About 20 people used the chat and listened to the audio, video was bit choppy, but it worked pretty well,” according to Beattie.

Mobile Monday Tokyo’s OktoberZest: Banzai Siesta

Mobile Monday

It was yet another stellar MoMo turn out for our OktoberZest event with almost 250 folks heading down for a few margaritas to take in the evening’s feature presentations from Hiro Higashiyama from G-Mode and Akio Tanaka and Dwight Rodgers from Macromedia. We got fantastic overviews on how Java games have started to gain traction in global markets while FlashLite and the new FlashCast service (branded i-Channel on DoCoMo) are pushing mobile data to the next level here in Japan.

We will be making the announcement for our next event here sometime soon – mark 14 November on your schedule – and meanwhile we’ll get the most recent presentations online for everyone ASAP.

OktoberZest: Hot Flash and Cool Java

OktoberZest: Hot Flash and Cool JavaGet your sombreros and lederhosen out of the closet! MoMo Tokyo is set to take over Ebisu-Zest Cantina on Monday, 3 October, for another great event.


We’ll have two fantastic presentations – from G-Mode and Macromedia – blasting onto that monster-sized screen and WWJ chief editor Daniel Scuka will be back here in Tokyo, leading another mobile intelligence mission, so it’s an evening not to be missed!

Applications are the heart of 3G and this event will highlight Flash and Java, the two heavyweights of cutting-edge, rich mobile content development. Make sure you complete the registration form below and we’ll look forward to seeing you for some serious “OktoberZest” mobile networking… Mexican style!

FREE with registration (below) — OR — pay JPY1,000 at the door

Guest presenters:

Hiro Higashiyama — Mgr. Overseas Business — G-Mode.PPT HERE
“Java Game Play for Overseas Success”
Gaming is one of the most profitable and fastest-growing mobile content segments and enjoys cross-cultural acceptance worldwide. G-Mode is one of Tokyo’s liveliest development houses and was founded when DoCoMo launched the first Java i-mode phones in 2001. Higashiyama-san will present on the gaming market, usage in Japan, usability factors and the company’s success with delivering games to customers in Japan, Asia and Europe.

Akio Tanaka — VP and Tech. Advisor — Macromedia Japan – .PPT N/A
“Flash for Mobile Defines 3G Content”
Macromedia’s Akio Tanaka and Dwight Rodgers, Senior Software Engineer, will present an update on the Flash mobile business in Japan including the recently launched NTT DoCoMo iChannel service, which is based on Macromedia’s Flash Cast technology.

Sponsored by:
Morgan Lewis & Bockius and Jonckers Translation & Engineering

Date: Monday, 3 October 2005 :: 19:00 – 23:00
Venue: Ebisu Zest CantinaGMAP English or Japanese
Admission: Free with registration below – Or – JPY1,000 at the door
Complimentary drink for all guests — a la carte food menu available

18:30 – Doors Open
19:00 – Welcome/introduction
19:15 – First presentation
19:30 – Second presentation
19:45 – Open forum/Q&A
20:00 – Networking
23:00 – Last call

Advanced Registration is now closed.. See you tonite.. 😎

Mobile Monday Tokyo: Massive Turn-Out!

Wow! We have always said we’d be happy if 80, maybe 100 people show up for any particular MoMo. And after a two-month summer break, and in the face of what has proven to be a destructive typhoon #14, we weren’t expecting such a large crowd. You proved us waaaaay wrong! 🙂

Can you spell chaos with a capital “K??” Woot! MoMo Tokyo’s 1st birthday bash was (almost) out of control. Best count, thanks to our somewhat tipsy volunteers, shows almost 300 strong turned out to munch and mingle with reckless abandon. It was super to see plenty of new faces combined with many of the usual suspects generating a vibrant buzz in the house all night long. Continue reading Mobile Monday Tokyo: Massive Turn-Out!

MoMo Tokyo – 5 September – 1st Birthday Bash

Summer break’s over, and MoMo Tokyo is back to rock your socks!

MoMo Tokyo - 5 September - 1st Birthday Bash

It seems like only yesterday that we announced our launch event! But that was last September — a lifetime in the mobile space — and we’ve since grown from bottle-feed darlings to lovable little monsters getting our fingers into everybody’s (wireless) business!

The 5 September MoMo event will have plenty of room for everyone — including well-wishers from the ACCJ — at the uber-trendy loft-style club Warehouse in Azabu-Juban. The evening includes presentations from Opera Japan and FreeVerse Partners, with a super buffet by the good folks at Corporate Gourmet.

Free w/advance registration (below) or ¥1,000 at the door

Guest Presenters:

Kazuoki Saito – Managing Partner – FreeVerse Partners KK.PDF
“Mobile Movie Showdo” is a software toolkit and application control product for BREW video and audio integration. Showdo allows BREW developers to rapidly integrate video and audio streaming media into new or existing mobile applications. Showdo’s core technology is based on TruVideo, a high-performance video codec; the product is a joint development effort between FreeVerse Partners and Nihon Enterprise (presentation in Japanese).

Brent Mori – VP Sales & Business Development – Opera Japan.PDF
With Japan adopting global-standard 3G networks, overseas tech firms are breaking into this market and Norway-based Opera, maker of the highly rated Opera browser, is one of the players intent on shaking up domestic competition. In July, KDDI announced yet another Opera browser-equipped WIN phone, following on the heels of DoCoMo’s M-1000 in June. Brent Mori presents on the challenges of enabling full-featured Web content on mobile handsets in the world’s most advanced 3G mobile market.

Sponsored by:
Morgan Lewis & Bockius and Jonckers Translation & Engineering

Date: Monday, 5 September, 2005 :: 19:00 – 23:00
Venue: The Warehouse in Azabu-Juban — GMAP
Admission: Free with registration (below); or pay ¥1,000 at the door

Complimentary drink for first 200 registered guests.
We’ll have light buffet provided by Corporate Gourmet.

18:45 – Doors Open
19:20 – Welcome/introduction
19:30 – 1st presentation
19:50 – 2nd presentation
20:10 – Open forum/Q&A
20:30 – Networking
22:00 – Last call

Registration is closed — It’s gonna be a Full-House!

See you tomorrow night, bring your own party hats.. 😎