Sponsorship Information

MoMo Tokyo 10th Anniversary Sept. 2014

Mobile Monday is Japan’s leading venue for networking, professional exchange and business development for the mobile industry. The community promotes discussion, dissemination of new ideas, exchange of opinion and industry-wide contact-making; MoMo also fosters cooperation and partnership between companies and individuals.

Mobile Monday also promotes exchange and contact between Japan’s mobile industry and foreign companies and markets, and offers opportunities for members of the wireless industry to meet their counterparts from other countries. MoMo Tokyo’s working languages are English and Japanese, enabling as wide a range of professionals as possible to attend and participate. A particular feature of MoMo is the chance for investors and others working in the new ventures segment to meet with new and emerging companies and keen individuals with bright ideas seeking know-how, advice, capital or technology.

Mobile Monday groups have been established in major cities worldwide, the Tokyo chapter held its first event in Sept. 2004. Mobikyo KK operates MoMo events on a strict brand- and technology-agnostic, open-platform basis.

Sponsorship Scope
MoMo events are made possible through the sponsorship of forward-looking companies that understand the power of networking and the benefits of supporting events that support people and business. The networking events take place at popular venues in central Tokyo. At each event, Mobikyo invites the guest speakers, confirms the venue, markets and promotes the event and provides the host/Emcee.

MoMo Tokyo Audience
As of January 2014, over 5,000 unique individuals have attended Mobile Monday in Tokyo; many thousands more from around the world have visited the website to download presentations of our past events. This audience represents a wide and deep slice of the Japan-focused wireless industry and includes professionals from telecom carriers, handset makers, technology vendors, developers, content providers, media, researchers and analysts.

Attendees by Job Title

MoMo Tokyo Attendees by Job Title

Attendees by Industry

MoMo Tokyo Attendees by Industry

1. Sponsor Promotion – pre-event
Sponsors are asked to provide a digital promotional message, typically including a logo or image, and designate a preferred URL for backlinks; this promotional message will be included in all pre-event online marketing. Chapter sponsors receive one dedicated profile page on mobilemonday.jp and their logo with link is prominently displayed on all pages site-wide.

Mobile Monday Tokyo events are promoted via our local website and registered member e-mail list as well as through our network of international Mobile Monday sites, affiliate media, PR and marketing partners. Typically, before an event, over 7,000 email recipients and tens of thousands of Web visitors will view the sponsor’s promotional message.

2. Sponsor Promotion – during events
At the event, sponsors will be introduced and asked to make a short presentation to the audience. The sponsor will also be recognized by the Emcee during the opening and closing remarks and the audience will be specifically invited to meet and network with the sponsor’s representative(s) after the showcase presentations. The evening format (18:30-23:00) typically includes:

  • Welcome, programme introduction, sponsor introduction: 5 mins.
  • Sponsor presentation: 3-5 mins.
  • Guest Speaker 1: 15-min presentation
  • Guest Speaker 2: 15-min presentation
  • Open forum, moderated Q&A: 30 mins.
  • Sponsor thanks, closing remarks

After 20:00, MoMo attendees meet for extended networking and discussions.

Sponsors are also welcome to provide an active voice in Mobile Monday organization and recommend potential guest speakers. Organizers will strive to assist in promoting the sponsor and provide introductions at the events and otherwise, as appropriate. MoMo Tokyo will make regular efforts to promote and enhance the sponsor’s image and products or services.

Pricing, terms
For details on pricing, terms and additional information, contact us here and we will be happy to provide you with our latest sponsorship document.