MoMo Global Summit 2008 to be held in Kuala Lumpur

December 13, 2007 — Helsinki, Finland and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — MobileMonday (MoMo), the global community of over 70,000 mobile industry visionaries and developers, today announced it will invite the worlds most exciting and innovative mobile companies to attend the 4th annual Global Summit in Kuala Lumpur from May 18 – 22, 2008. MobileMonday’s unique cross-border platform has proven to generate real business opportunities via cooperative relationships with the Open Mobile Alliance and GSMA, which represents 700 mobile operators and 200-technology partners worldwide. The upcoming event, the first ever to be held in Asia, will be co-located with the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT 2008) conference to be held in Kuala Lumpur next year.

photo courtesy of The Star

Kuala Lumpur is set to be the point of convergence for the largest-ever gathering of global leaders and decision makers on information and communications technology. Held once every two years, WCIT is the premier global forum that brings together leaders in business, government and academia to impact economic and social development through the exchange of policies and ideas on technology. WCIT 2008 is expected to be the point of convergence for more than 2,500 participants from over 80 countries worldwide. Keynote speakers are expected to include some of the most respected and admired names in the industry. WCIT 2008 is jointly organized by the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) and the Assoc. of the Computer and Multimedia Industry of Malaysia (PIKOM), with the support of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia.

MobileMonday Malaysian chapter founder RamG and Chairman Dr Arun Kumar have been working closely with MdeC CEO Dato’ Badlisham Ghazali and MobileMonday CEO Jari Tammisto to make this event a truly global and rewarding experience for Malaysia as this gathering will bring International Experts together in an dynamic setting with Local ICT and Mobile Players.

MobileMonday recognizes that majority of future innovations in the mobile development happens in small companies. Typically these start-ups don’t attend conferences and seminars as they are expensive and offer few opportunities for new comers. However, one of the central features of the MobileMonday Global Summit is that it also invites selected leaders and prestigious influencers from industry giants to join the discussions and networking. This ensures the discussions are valuable, interesting, and always inspirational.

The MobileMonday community is a grassroots living laboratory of ideas, demos, pilots, benchmarking, and business development. The goal is to enable the membership to meet with their peers in order to encourage smart ideas to develop into commercially successful products and services.

About MobileMonday
MobileMonday ( is a global community of mobile industry visionaries, developers and influential individuals fostering cooperation and cross-border business development through virtual and live networking events to share ideas, best practices and trends from global markets. MobileMonday has over 50 chapter cities around the world, and continues to launch new locations monthly. MobileMonday is organized by a group of some 200 dedicated volunteers from around the world. Originating in Helsinki, Finland, in the year 2000, MobileMonday has grown into the world’s leading mobile community.

About WCIT
Held once every two years, the World Congress on Information Technology ( is a premier global ICT forum that brings together global leaders in business, government and academia. Often billed as the Olympics of ICT, it impacts global economic and social development through the exchange of policies and ideas on technology. WCIT 2008 is jointly organized by the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) and the Association of the Computer and Multimedia Industry of Malaysia (PIKOM), with the support of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia.

MobileMonday Tokyo December Events Update

MobileMonday Jakarta

Thanks to all for attending MoMo Tokyo on Dec. 3rd, we hope you enjoyed the Mobile TV theme & 2nd free drink on behalf of our generous sponsors. 

As mentioned we are thrilled to co-organize, with the Mobile Content Forum, a special seminar series to be held on the afternoon of Friday Dec. 14th. Speakers information – note all presentations will be in Japanese – and advance registration is now available Here. Those who can’t make it during the day are still most welcome to attend the evening mixer afterwards. We look forward to see you there!

A quick shout-out to everyone we met during last weeks APAC adventure. We hit MoMo in Singapore, thanks to the good folks from iDA and location hosts at Microsoft, toured Kuala Lumpur over the week-end with RamG and Co. to conclude details for a major announcement regarding our 2008 Global Summit – details coming soon – and then off to Jakarta for the launch of Indonesia’s chapter. Andy and his team did an outstanding job pulling everything together for that and no doubt there will be plenty of photos coming online soon.

Thanks again for your kind hospitality and Welcome Aboard Indonesia..!!

Meanwhile, heading into year-end here and, aside from doing taxes, we are planning our events schedule, including a not-to-be-missed Shinnenkai for 2008. Stay tuned for more details. 

MoMo Tokyo December 3rd — Japan Mobile Video

Update: Thank you for coming out to MoMo on December 3rd. We hope you have enjoyed the Mobile Video theme and the 2nd free drink on behalf of our generous sponsors. As mentioned during the event, we have a special seminar to be held together with MCF on the 14th, next Friday afternoon. Presentations will all be in Japanese. Speaker details and registration, is now available via the Japanese MoMo site. See you there!

MoMo Tokyo December 3rd -- Japan Mobile Video

Thanks to everyone who attended our 12 November Smartphone Series-event at the Canadian Embassy! Nearly 200 came through the doors, and we have posted video of the presentations from RIM and HTC for those of you who were unable to attend. The Powerpoint files (PPT) are also available here.

A quick heads-up: Mobidec 2007 will be running all day at Meguro Gajoen on 27 November. Co-organised by the good folks at the Mobile Content Forum – MCF, this “Strategy for Mobile Economy”-themed event (held in Japanese) – will feature presentations from the main operators, who will cover topics ranging from Flash to WiMax.

On 3 December, Mobile Monday Tokyo is back at KDDI’s fashionable Designing Studio with a mobile video theme. 2008 is promising to be a break-out year for broadcast television and on-demand video streaming in Japan, so we expect this event will be both insightful and very well attended.

Fee: ¥1,000 with Advance Registration — OR — ¥2,000 at the door

Kazuhiko Masuda – President – MediaFLO Japan Planning Inc. .PDF
Kazuhiko Masuda was appointed President of MediaFLO Japan Planning Inc. in 2005. After KDDI’s merger, he has worked in the handset planning, sales planning, and global business planning section. Before 2000, he worked in the development of infrastructure. Kazuhiko Masuda joined DDI (currently KDDI) in 1987.

Takeatsu Yamauchi – Director Advanced Services – NHK .PDF
NHK1Seg is the mobile terrestrial digital audio/video and data broadcasting system in Japan. Based on the ISDB-T standard, which was designed by NHK, each channel is divided into 13 segments plus one segment for separating channels. HDTV broadcast occupies 12 segments, and the remaining (13th) segment is used for mobile receivers. Thus the name, ‘1seg’. Utilizing the BML (Broadcast Markup Language) methodology, text and graphic images with links for further information, such as news, sports, weather forecast, program guides and voting is also displayed along with the TV content. This popular mobile service officially launched on April 1, 2006 and has just over 13M enabled handsets deployed as of August 2007.

Sponsored by: Jonckers Translation & Engineering and Robert Leonard Consulting

Date: Monday, 3 December 2007 :: 18:30 – 22:30
Venue: KDDI Designing Studio — GMAP
Admission: ¥1,000 with Advance Registration – OR – ¥2,000 at the door
Complimentary drink ticket for the 1st 200 pre-registered guests!

18:30 – Doors Open
19:00 – Welcome/introduction
19:15 – First presentation
19:45 – Second presentation
20:15 – Q & A
20:30 – Networking
22:00 – Last Call
22:30 – Close

11月12日 – モバイルマンデー東京 – スマートフォンシリーズ

11月12日 - モバイルマンデー東京 – スマートフォンシリーズ




John McAndrews – Senior Technical Account Manager – RIM
RIMジョン・マクアンドリュースは、2001年5月にテクニカル・アカウント・マネージャーしてResearch In Motion(RIM)に入社しました。入社後は、インフォメーション・テクノロジー・ソリューション分野おける確かな経験を生かし、BlachBerryの企業顧客支援において、豊富な知識と価値ある経験をもたらしています。現在は、Research In Motion Japan LTDにて、BlackBerryソリューションの導入、また、導入に伴う分析や計画におけるクライアントやパートナーの支援を行っています。 RIM入社前は、米Quest Softwearにてシニア・システム・コンサルタントとして勤務し、主にMicrosoft WindowsおよびExchange 2000のマイグレーションにおける顧客支援を担当していました。Western International Universityにてインフォメーション・テクノロジーの理学士号を取得、また、MCSE(Microsoft Certificated System Engineer)も取得しています。

ジェニファー チャン – 代表取締役社長 – HTC Nippon株式会社
HTC Nippon株式会社HTC(本社:台湾桃園市、台湾株式市場証券コード:2498)は、1997 年に設立されて以来、優れた研究開発を基盤に、多くの新しいデザインや革新的な製品を開発し、世界中の通信業事業者や販売代理店へ最先端のスマートフォンを提供しています。Windows Mobile® 搭載携帯端末機器プロバイダーとしては、世界最大手で、WM世界シェアの約80%を誇ります。

同社 は、欧州の有数な携帯電話会社5 社、米国の携帯電話会社上位4 社、アジアの急成長中の多くの携帯電話会社など主要な携帯電話会社とパートナーシップを構築し、端末を提供する他、2006年6月より、HTC自社ブランドの端末の市場投入も始め、急成長している会社です。HTC Nippon は、2006年4月に設立され、様化するモバイルライフのニーズに応えるべく、2007年10月現在で5機種を投入しております。

Jonckers Translation & Engineering & ロバートリオナルドコンサルティング

開催日: 2007年11月12日、月曜日 18:30 – 22:00 PM
開催地:カナダ大使館内会場 – 地図 GMAP

18:30 – 開場
19:00 – 挨拶&紹介
19:15 – 第一プレゼンテーション
19:45 – 第二プレゼンテーション
20:15 – Q&A
20:30 – ネットワーキング
21:30 – ラストコール

MobileMonday Tokyo – November 12 – Smartphone Series

MoMo Tokyo - November 12 - Smartphone Series

Many thanks to all who attended our 22 October event – the presentations are now available for download. It was super to have everyone out for a great evening. Also: a quick “welcome aboard” to the folks in Moscow and Frankfurt who held their debut gatherings on that very same evening – and Madrid just launched last night – Congratulations! We wish you the very best going forward.

MoMo Tokyo returns to the ultramodern Canadian embassy venue in Akasaka for our upcoming Shichi-Go-San event on 12 November with presentations from smartphone makers RIM and HTC. Those who were on-hand with us there last year know it’s a fantastic location and we expect this will be yet another really great evening for members of the local mobile community!

Fee: ¥1,000 with Advance Registration — OR — ¥2,000 at the door

John McAndrews – Senior Technical Account Manager – RIM .PPT
RIMJohn McAndrews joined Research In Motion (RIM), in May 2001, as a Technical Account Manager. With a solid background working with Information Technology Solutions, John brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to assist BlackBerry Enterprise Customers. Currently John is on assignment with Research In Motion Japan LTD to assist clients and partners in analyzing, planning and deploying the BlackBerry solution in corporate environments. Before joining RIM, John worked as a Senior Systems Consultant with Quest Software, primarily with focus on assisting customers in designing/implementing a migration strategy for Microsoft Windows and Exchange 2000. John received his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Western International University and is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

Jennifer Chang – General Manager – HTC Nippon K.K. .PPT
HTCHTC Corp. is the world’s leading provider of Microsoft Windows Mobile based smart devices. Founded in 1997 by Cher Wang, Chairwoman, and Peter Chou, President and CEO, HTC made its name as the company behind many of the most popular operator-branded devices on the market. It has established unique partnerships with key mobile brands, including leading global operators. It has also brought products to market with industry leading OEM partners and, since June 2006, under its own HTC brand. Since launching its own brand 12 month ago, the company has introduced more than a dozen HTC-branded products across the world. The company produces powerful handsets that continually push the boundaries to provide true mobility and freedom for those who use its products.

Sponsored by: Jonckers Translation & Engineering and Robert Leonard Consulting

Date: Monday, 12 November 2007 :: 18:30 – 22:00
Venue: Canadian Embassy theatreGMAP
Admission: ¥1,000 with Advance Registration — OR — ¥2,000 at the door
Complimentary nomi-hodai cocktail bar

18:30 – Doors Open
19:00 – Welcome/introduction
19:15 – First presentation
19:45 – Second presentation
20:15 – Q & A
20:30 – Networking
21:30 – Last Call

MoMo東京 – 次世代に向けてのネットワークとサービス – 10月22日

MoMo東京 -  次世代に向けてのネットワークとサービス - 10月22日




村上 仁己 – 成蹊大学 – 教授

トミ・アオネン、MBA – 作家、ビジネス戦略コンサルタント

Jonckers Translation & Engineering & ロバートリオナルドコンサルティング

開催日: 2007年10月22日、月曜日 18:30 – 22:30 PM
開催地:KDDIデザイニングスタジオ – 地図 GMAP

18:30 – 開場
19:00 – 挨拶&紹介
19:10 – プレゼンテーション開始
19:50 – Q&A
20:00 – ネットワーキング
22:00 – ラストコール
22:30 – 終了

MoMo Tokyo – October 22 – Next-gen Networks & Services

MoMo Tokyo - October 22 - Next-gen Networks & Services


After a hard-earned summer break, your MoMo Tokyo team are back in the Dohyo and ready to push around any big guys who get in the way! Many thanks to all who attended our Massive Mobile Mix at Wireless Japan in July and to those who took a moment to submit feedback via our Call-to-Action form in September. We had a great time at the Global Summit in Finland and Russia last month – see the full trip report here – and are pumped-up and ready to roll into our fourth year of running MobileMonday Tokyo.

We are thrilled to announce the next gathering, 22 October, at the fabulous Designing Studio, will feature presentations from Dr. Hitomi Murakami, former executive director and principal research engineer at KDDI’s R&D labs, and Tomi Ahonen, best-selling author and strategy consultant for digital convergence and advanced mobile telecoms. Both gentlemen are long-time industry insiders and the evening promises to be extremely informative and very well-attended. We look forward to meeting you there!

Fee: ¥1,000 with advance registration — OR — ¥2,000 at the door

Hitomi Murakami Ph.D – Professor – Seikei University .PPT
Seikei UniversityDr. Murakami graduated from Hokkaido University with a Ph.D in Engineering and started his career as a research engineer with overseas telecommunication operator KDD in 1974. As Principal Research Engineer at KDDI R&D Laboratories, his area of expertise includes video compression technology, television transmission and satellite communications. Murakami-sensei served as Executive Director for the Corporate Technology Sector at KDDI, where he was responsible for development of new technologies for future services. In April 2007, he retired from KDDI and joined Seikei University as professor and is now working with the next generation of engineers.

Tomi T. Ahonen, MBA – Author and Strategy Consultant .PPT
Tomi T AhonenMr. Ahonen is the author of five bestsellers and an advisor to the telecoms, IT and media industries. He lectures at Oxford University’s courses on 3G telecoms, digital convergence and social networking, has been quoted in over 200 press stories and has presented papers to over 180 conferences. His client list includes Ericsson, Orange, Motorola, Nokia, DoCoMo, Siemens, TeliaSonera and Vodafone. Mr. Ahonen consults for telecoms, industry analysts, the venture capital community and other parties involved in understanding the profit potential of wireless. A new services evangelist, Tomi has discussed over 1000 existing mobile concepts in his presentations and his books detail over 500 examples.

Sponsored by: Jonckers Translation & Engineering and Robert Leonard Consulting

Date: Monday, 22 October 2007 :: 18:30 – 22:30
Venue: KDDI Designing Studio — GMAP
Admission: ¥1,000 with Advance Registration – OR – ¥2,000 at the door
Complimentary drink ticket for the 1st 200 pre-registered guests!

18:30 – Doors Open
19:00 – Welcome/introduction
19:15 – First presentation
19:45 – Second presentation
20:15 – Q & A
20:30 – Networking in the Wired Cafe
22:00 – Last Call
22:30 – Close

MobileMonday Global Summit 2007 — Trip Report

MobileMonday Global Summit 2007 -- Trip Report

The Tokyo MoMo crew managed to escape, barely due to Typhoon Fitow, Tokyo’s sweltering concrete jungle for some nice cool breezes at the 3rd annual MobileMonday Global Summit in Helsinki last week. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet once again with chapter founders from around the world and mingle with some of the industry’s more interesting players in a relaxed and somewhat secluded atmosphere. We arrived a day early to check-out the sights, do a little recon for a new Mobikyo EU office location and play with a couple of fancy handsets at the Nokia store (video to follow of the new N95 8GB, N81 and Music Express models).

We spent all day Sunday in conference with MoMo reps from over 20 cities who made the journey to discuss current status and future issues while taking in presentations from the OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) and GSMA. We would love to go into more detail about some of the topics covered but all parties were required to take a blood oath (well, pinky-shake actually) to keep the specifics confidential. Needless to say that with over 50 chapters now operating worldwide and new locations set for launch in Adelaide, Berlin, Caracas, Croatia, Jakarta, Moscow and Philadelphia – to name a few – we’re rather excited about the potential this grassroots community has going forward.. 😎

According to this account, the actual summit day on 10 September was well attended (tons of photos here and here) with some great presentations, panels and seminars. We took part in the Mobile Entertainment Panel discussion and managed to conduct a few video interviews as well.

Tuesday morning saw most of us catch the 7:00AM train to St. Petersburg, arriving early afternoon for a boat tour (meet Nidal from Venezuela) and check-in at the hotel before making our way through traffic for Part II of this year’s event, which was held at the Museum of Communications. While the PA sound was not great, the massive satellite was pretty cool and we met several key players in the Russian mobile market. After a few false starts we managed to get a late dinner, complete with super-sized draft beer, in the Tinkoff Pub and then a few brave souls wandered late into the night for some un-scheduled local action… it was almost exactly like this classic Canadian Club commercial: “Remember we beat the Russians in ’72” (details for you young folk on Wikipedia here).

The Wednesday morning agenda included presentations from a few more companies, which I skipped to risk my literal life crossing three lanes of traffic for a few snaps of Freedom Square. Then then several of us hit the streets for a bit of local flavor before making a white knuckle cab-ride to the station – just in time – for our 4:00PM train back to Helsinki. The highlight of our Russian adventure had to be visiting the Winter Palace it was incredible! We had only about an hour behind the gilded gate to tour the halls, chat with Peter the Great and see the throne, while sneaking a shot (Oops – “No Photos”) of his crown. The collection of masterpieces from the likes of Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Renoir and Van Gogh on display (pix in that room definitely not allowed) were simply stunning.

Relieved to be back in Finland we checked into our comfy prison cell and hit the town with a local guide (thanks, Vesa!) on Wednesday evening, making a few stops where the locals hang out, and finally got to bed at a ‘reasonable hour’ for the first time in a week. Thursday morning saw four MoMo founders attend a very interesting meeting, details of which we can’t for the moment disclose, which hopefully will result in a powerful new tool for all global chapters (more on that coming ASAP).

It’s basically not possible to summarize the whole adventure, and no doubt others will post their thoughts as well; however the organizers and sponsors of this year’s event deserve massive thanks and praise for bringing everything, and everyone, together for a memorable experience. We managed to spend some quality time with old friends – making plenty of new connections as well – during the week and arrived home late Saturday afternoon pretty fired-up for the future of Mobile Monday.

– Lawrence Cosh-Ishii, MoMo Tokyo

Note: We are planning the next MobileMonday Tokyo event for mid-October and will get the details out for that soon.

MobileMonday Tokyo 3rd Birthday – Call to Action!

MobileMonday Tokyo 3rd Birthday - Call to Action!

As our birthday approaches yet again, your MoMo Tokyo organisers have been looking back over the years to note with satisfaction that we’ve held 24 events at ten different locations with 50 speakers – and there are just over 3,000 members in our database! It’s been a helluva ride – Yoroshiku!

It seems like a good time to look to the future, and we would like to ask the MoMo community in Tokyo to help us plot where we go from here.

What do you like about MobileMonday? And what can we do to improve the overall programme and scope of activities? Finally, how can we tweak our efforts to build a community that meets your networking and professional development needs – and helps you get a leg up in the mobile industry?

Please enter your comments via the form Here.

Since we will be heading to northern Finland for the 3rd (time lucky!) annual MobileMonday Global Summit on 10 September, suggestions and opinions about the onging evolution of the Tokyo chapter will reach an even wider audience when we share with our global partners what you report to us.

Japan-based companies who wish us to carry their promotional message and materials to Helsinki – for distribution to over 1,500 globally connected mobile thought leaders – should get in touch with us ASAP for full details.

We are planning our next event for October and will post the details once everything is set. Meanwhile, we would like to take this moment and thank everyone who has helped build this dynamic community. In true kaizen spirit we look forward to continue improving on our platform in the future!

Massive Mobile Mix – 18 July 2007 – Tokyo Fashion Town

Massive Mobile Mix - 18 July 2007 - Tokyo Fashion Town


The Massive Mobile Mix event will bring together some of the brightest and most influential players from the wireless industry for an evening of casual drinks, gourmet eats and one-on-one networking. Hosted at the ultra-trendy ‘Tokyo Fashion Town’ event space, directly across the street from Tokyo Big Sight after the opening day of Wireless Japan, this is as a great chance for the mobile industry from overseas to mix and mingle with deal-makers and market movers from Japan’s mobile community.

During the afternoon of July 18th we will run a “Global Networking Boosts Mobile Connections” seminar at Tokyo Big Sight to showcase both local and international Mobile Monday chapters providing an in-depth introduction to their cities, their markets and where the profit opportunities are to be found. Seating is limited, more details and registration form Here.

A final reminder that the 3rd annual Net Tokyo super summer fund raiser is coming up on 21 July. This ‘gathering of the tribes’ has become one of the best networking opportunities around with all proceeds going to charity. Also note that Red Herring has an all-star lineup for it’s first ever conference in Japan the following week, 22 – 24 July, in Kyoto. It’s gonna be hot-hot-hot!

Date: Wednesday, 18 July 2007 :: 17:30 – 21:00
Venue: Tokyo Fashion TownGMAP
Admission: ¥2,000 with Pre-Registration – OR – ¥3,000 at the door
Buffet by Corporate Gourmet — Drinks by EuroPubs

17:30 – Doors Open
20:30 – Last Call
21:00 – Close