IEMF Mobile Showcase 2009

The Inter-Embassy Mobile Forum (IEMF) and Canadian Embassy in Tokyo are pleased to join forces once again with the Inter-Embassies IT & Mobile Forum. We invite you to a two-day wireless seminar and exhibition entitled The IEMF Next Generation Mobile Technologies & Solutions Showcase 2009, which will be held April 16th and 17th at the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo. This event will showcase wireless companies from IEMF member countries and provide you with the opportunity to present your technology and products to the membership of the Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium (MCPC), including technicians and decision-makers from Japan’s leading IT and mobile communications companies.

The full invitation details are available Here.

Members of Mobile Monday Tokyo are entitled to discounted rates and encouraged to register their expression of interest – to attend, present or display – by completing the form below. We hope to see you there!