MobileMonday Global Peer Awards 2007

MobileMonday Global Peer Awards 2007Coming to Barcelona for the 3GSM World Congress? Then don’t miss the MobileMonday Global Peer Awards 2007 on Monday, February 12th starting at 3PM.

This is your chance to try some of the world’s best mobile innovations. Selected by industry peers, peer award finalists will compete live before the community and a world class jury. Sticking with MoMo’s recipe for success, the fiesta will cook up a bunch of fresh innovations mixed with honest feedback and a dash of fun. Served with plenty of juicy networking at a secret location, this is the perfect 3GSM appetizer.

The price for this dish? Nada — it’s free! But you must register in advance and the 1500 tickets will go quickly. So keep in touch with MobileMonday over the next few weeks as more details are announced.