Season’s Greetings from Mobile Monday Tokyo

Season's Greetings from Mobile Monday Tokyo

Many thanks to everyone who made it out to our December Bonenkai event – what a way to finish off 2006! It was an honor to have Jari Tammisto, CEO of MobileMonday Oy, on hand to say a few words and meet many of the local MoMo members; he was clearly impressed.

We set new record for participation with a final count of 368 attendees!

Congratulations to the business card draw winners! We were thrilled to play Santa – on behalf of our sponsors – by giving away an i-Pod Nano, a Sony PSP, an sleek Nikon digi-camera and 3 fancy bottles of Shochu.

Looking forward into 2007, it’s our pleasure to welcome several new MoMo chapters who are set to launch early in the New Year, including Dublin, Geneva, Munich and Seoul. Welcome Aboard! Our next event – a Shinnenkai to kick-off the Year of the Wild Boar – is planned for sometime in late January 2007; we’ll pass along details asap.

Mobikyo KK and your ever-keen MoMo Tokyo organizers had a fantastic year here in Tokyo and we wish you and your families all the very best for the holidays and beyond. Yoi otoshi wo Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!