MoMo Tokyo Peer Awards – March 24th

MoMo Tokyo Peer Award

Heads-up to all innovative mobile start-up companies in Japan: While the 3rd annual MoMo Global Summit in Helsinki last September seems like only yesterday, we’re already looking forward to Kuala Lumpur, in mid-May. The Global Peer Awards will play a central part in the Malaysia Global Summit, so we are thrilled to announce that representatives from the local mobile community will compete for the MoMo Tokyo Peer Awards – March 24th in the ultra upscale presentation hall of Shinsei Banks HQ. Details below. Update: See Post Event Details Here!

While we have your attention, a quick congrats going out to all involved with the Barcelona Peer Awards and to our MoMo Global team from Helsinki for their recent award from the president of Finland. We would also like to welcome CIAJ aboard as a “Friend of MoMo Tokyo” noting they are running the Digital Contents Business Park pavillion again at CEATEC 2008. If you missed our Feb. 18 Mobile Browser event, see video of the presentations from W3C and Mozilla are now online.

Candidate companies must fall into one of three categories

  • Start-ups: Recently founded with early-stage financing
  • Emerging: Operating between Series A & B funding
  • Academic: Students in an accredited University program

There is no restriction on the business model, platform or market segment. Whether you have a content, service or application, targeted at B2B or B2C customers and/or running on Java, Brew, Symbian or Flash, you can submit (note, with respect to going global, presentations must be made in English).

Local, Regional and Global Peer Awards Process

  • Representatives from qualified companies will take the stage here in late March to make a three-minute elevator style pitch to local judges
  • The winner of each category will compete in the Asia regional show-down with the best-of-the-best coming from MoMo APAC chapters
  • The top three from each catagory will then be headed-off to the Global Peer Award Finals, all expenses paid, in Kuala Lumpur on May 19th

Sponsored by:
Robert Leonard Consulting and Jonckers Translation & Engineering

Date: Monday, 24 March 2008 :: 18:30 – 22:30
Venue: Shinsei Bank Head Office — GMAP
Admission: ¥1,000 with Advance Registration – OR – ¥2,000 at the door
Two complimentary drinks for all attendees!

18:30 – Doors Open
19:00 – Welcome/introduction
19:15 – Presentations
20:15 – Networking & Voting
21:30 – Winners Announcement
22:00 – Last Call
22:30 – Close

This event is possible in part by the kind support of Shinsei Bank
Shinsei Bank

MoMo Tokyo Peer Award 2008 Candidate Companies:

  • Academic: Students in an accredited University program

BCmoney MobileTV
The opportunity to present an idea born out of the Mobile Consumber Behavior Lab (MoCoBe) at the International University of Japan in Minami-Uonuma-shi, Niigata-ken. The development team on the project consists of both current and recently graduated alumni students.

Mobile Krishna Winner!
Raju Vijay Anand, also a student at the International University of Japan, aims to provide security and information through mobile to tourists in India. It involves hypertags and the creation of a mobile eco-system that includes NGO’s and private security services. It is planning to provide a solution to protect the privacy and safety of tourists in India.

  • Start-ups: Recently founded with early-stage financing
We are the first company in the world to offer a fully operational, direct-to-blog via 3G Videocall system. It also works fine from SIP phones – since the backend is basically an IMS application – we are totally compatible with ANY standard SIP client as well as UMTS gateway provider. All you need is a 3G phone and make sure you’ve set up a mobile profile on YouTube or Ameba.

Starling Software, K.K
Starling Software was founded in early 2006 by Curt Sampson and Bryan Buecking, both experienced software and web developers. Technology developed by Starling is a key component in mobile products developed by a number of Japanese companies. As well as customized solutions ranging from application-specific programming languages to entire web sites, Starling licenses several products it has developed for improving the mobile experience. The star product is RSWF, a system for customizing and recombining existing Flash content and generating new Flash content on the fly. Useful for a wide variety of applications, this particularly gives mobile websites the ability to overcome the limitations of Flash Lite and offer a “Web 2.0” experience on the phone that can be achieved in no other way.

StarGame’s Corporation Winner!
StarGame’s is a Start-up company which will feature their service called as J2B translator. With this service, CPs can get a BREW application from a Java application full automatically.

UTUTU Co., Ltd.
UTUTU Co., Ltd. is a design engineering company in Tokyo, Japan, which develops mobile aplpications, web applications and physical interactive systems. UTUTU means “REAL” in Japanease and the main concept of our application is to make user prompt communication in real life as well as in virutal. At this presentation, we will release our new mobile appication. This application is a social counter system with which every user can count anything and share the data with other users for communication. We believe that this application is useful not only for entertainment but also business!

  • Emerging: Operating between Series A & B funding

Find Tokyo
Find Tokyo is a location-based service that combines paper and Internet to help people navigate around Tokyo. By utilizing PC/mobile map service from GMAP, Find Tokyo will help people find restaurants, atms, and even where maid cafes are in Akihabara! Find Tokyo will help navigate people on what is going around town, when and where.

J-Magic Inc. Winner!
J-Magic is the mobile media company based on Image Sensing technology. Within 10 months, the company’s mobile service called “Kao-cheki!” was used by over 85million users. “Kao-cheki!” is an entertainment service that tells celebrities who looks similar to you. You can only take a photo with camera phone, send it to “Kao-cheki!” by e-mail(MMS) and get the result. Not only faces but logos, buildings, products and various objects can be recognized by J-Magic’s Image Sensing platform. J-Magic is now opening up new way of search!

Mobile Healthcare Inc. — lifewatcher
Lifewatcher is a comprehensive, patient-centric, mobile disease self-management system for diabetes, obesity, and other lifestyle-related disease sufferers. It is critical for diabetes sufferers to track key health indicators such as blood sugar, blood pressure, calorie intake, exercise and their weight.

Naviblog Corporation
Naviblog Corporation specializes in Location-based mobile phone B2C/B2B applications and services, Location-based mobile marketing solutions, and Web 2.0-related technology development and services. During the 2008 Peer Awards, we will be introducing our latest technical achievement which centers on Speech-to-Text blogging on the mobile phone, an offering which does not require users to download an application. Working with world renowned academics in speech technology and lexicography, Naviblog Corporation envisions this technology playing a large role in services that rely on user-generated content.

NextNinja Ltd.
NextNinja Ltd. is a mobile service and solution provider. It comes by planning, constructing and operating a unique mobile service for more than 100 sites to date. The combination of excellent project solutions and original site development know-how with enterprise partners is made the best use of to deliver powerful mobile services. Providing business support services for mobile movie delivery, SNS, and face recognition offerings are expected to launch in March, 2008.

The Rockbird Studio content management system is an ASP web authoring environment, with mobile site editor function which can be easily configured using either Windows or Mac OS, for the design and production of mobile-compliant XHTML websites. Additional web hosting services are also available if required. Rockbird Backoffice has work flow / approval management system which allows project user to collaborate with other members. It’s convenient user interface increases creator efficiency by approx.3-5 times in comparison to other ASP and 8-10 times XHTML coding.