MoMo Tokyo – May 13th – APP Exhibition Mixer

Thanks to all who joined our Hanami event, it was snowing sakura, priceless. Next up: APP Exhibition Spring 2013, it’s been awhile, No Presentations – All Hands-on Action.

Date: Monday, 13 May, 2013
Venue: Super-Deluxe :: GMAP
Running Time: 19:00 – 23:00
Entry Fee: 1,000 JPY with Advance Registration – OR – 2,000 JPY at the door
Includes: 1-drink and Great Evening with Awesome mobile players!

See the company lineup below, look forward to join you there for cotton candy.. 😎

— MoMo Tokyo Team

Crisp Media is a NYC based mobile advertising company that has partnered with D.A.Consortium to bring the Crisp Engage advertising content management platform to Japan. As the market for feature phones in Japan wanes, and a new era of brand advertising in Japan emerges, Crisp Engage is preparing to to deliver high quality iPhone, Android and tablet creative to web and apps for Japan’s top brands. Crisp’s brand advertising focus contrasts with the prevailing performance advertising banners from SDK providers. Crisp’s light framework requires no SDK and leverages HTML5 to deliver immersive ad experiences and a varied set of KPIs beyond app downloads. Crisp is dedicated to both innovative front end design as well as best in class architecture for optimizing deployment across mobile networks.

Cooori, the online language learning company launched a new iOS app in January 2013 called LingoWorld that not only teaches Japanese but nine other languages. The app is localized to all ten languages so that a Thai person can be learn Japanese and vice versa. The target customers are beginners and tourists who want to enrich their experience by learning many useful phrases in a language. The learning app has game elements giving users points, a growing tree and badges while learning. The app uses AI to make the learning efficient and schedules learning tasks for the users. The users can practice their pronunciation in a built-in voice studio. LingoWorld has been downloaded by over 40,000 users worldwide and has garnered outstanding reviews.

Jorte Inc. is the developer of Jorte Calendar, your personal Organizer. Jorte is a free app available today for Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire. Designed to be easy to get started using but has many features for advanced users. Personalize your Calendar the way you want with Wallpapers, Icons, and Color themes. Jorte supports syncing with Google Calendar or our own Jorte Cloud to sync your Calendar between all your Android/iOS devices and the web.

Monaca is a cloud-based development platform featuring native iOS, Android and Windows 8 capability from Asial corporation. It allows developers to create native apps with HTML5 and JavaScript for multiple mobile platforms simultaneously. By using the Monaca IDE, developers can create, debug and distribute apps in a browser-based environment. This gives considerable savings in time and development costs compared with traditional development methods. Asial Corporation is a Tokyo-based technology company focused on server-side web and mobile application development.

Moneytree, released April 25th, is a new smartphone app that automatically display balances and transactions from your Japanese bank and credit card (presently iOS only). Tokyo-based Moneytree KK has been developing the cloud service for over a year, seeking to redefine the “personal finance” genre in Japan. The app focuses on reducing the amount of data shown, and delivers meaningful insights to consumers based on data analysis. For example, Moneytree tells you when and how much your next credit card payment is, so you know if you have sufficient funds in the right bank account. It can show you when an expected payment has arrived, eliminating the need to visit a bank branch or log into your bank’s smartphone ‘unfriendly’ website.

Orée was born in south of France to deliver elegant, durable & personalized tech objects primarily made of premium wood. All our objects are hand-finished by the craftsman.Our first object Orée Board is a wireless keyboard made of Maple & Walnut. Each board is made of a single piece of wood along with its own unique grain across keys. Customers are also able to choose the country&OS layout, typeface, and personalized texts or theme images engraved on the board.

At Willmore, we are developing a business specializing in the health care area, to manifest the values and hope. Preventive behavior support specialized familiar disease, the discomfort and pain, the provision of health care services, the health care research project, focusing on qualitative research of medical pharmaceutical professional, Every Wellness business, marketing and corporate communications We have performed support. AllergyChecker is an application that enables you to check whether any allergenic substance is contained in certain foods.

Established in 2008, Wizcorp is a Tokyo-based technology company which employs an international team of talented engineers and consultants. These wizards utilize and devise leading-edge technologies to create awesome web applications for a global audience. Having previously collaborated with high-profile clients such as GREE and Capcom, Wizcorp recently self-published two iOS puzzle games, Celulo and Tiki Takoo – Paradise Island. Both titles are HTML5 games which the company believes outperform many native apps. Wizcorp representatives will be on hand to reveal the magical formula which they used to achieve this.