Mobile Monday Tokyo June 13th Event Report


It was great to bring everyone together for a few friendly pints and hear some really interesting presentations, see .pdfs below, about what folks are doing in the post 311 Japan quake crisis. While we didn’t pull a huge crowd, due in part to the schedule conflict with Startup Dating Vol. 9 running at the same time, but it was a super keen group of 100+ people who made the effort to attend = Many Thanks to you all.

Garin Dart: Foreign Volunteers of Japan .PDF
Nhat Vuong: .PDF
Michael Kato: Re-Cycle Project .PDF
Akira Sasaki: Hack4Japan .PDF

While the room was certainly buzzing, with plenty of very sharp folks and passion for the cause, this was not a round-table meeting with secretary recording the minutes. Perhaps not surprising then we are left wondering – now what? – how do we harness all of that positive goodwill energy into a few valuable outputs.

As fate would have it, our original FaceBook Group has been scheduled to be archived, So, we have just created a new Mobile Monday Tokyo Page. That space would be the most simple way to get some good discussions going with regards to potential next steps. We will add a few suggestions collected already, setup a poll or two to get your feedback, and let things run there for July to see what the community members think.

Meanwhile, we are still very much hoping to have Tokyo Tech Tribes related project and are now planning to get back into the usual event routine by mid-Sept. with a major app. developer focused theme running on our 7th birthday! As always, Contact Us anytime.