Disaster Relief Effort for the Japan Earthquake


As you know it’s been a most difficult and challenging time for so many people in Japan, our thoughts and prayers continue for those in the most affected areas. Sincere thanks to all, here and abroad, who have reached out with kind words and offers of support during this crisis. We were prepared to announce our April event on March 14th, clearly a delay required on that plan. We are now calling all tribes for get together on June 13th.

There are countless efforts underway here the last few months, and plenty of important work still lays ahead. After a fair amount of internal discussion, to consider how best to proceed in this extraordinary situation, we’ve decided to begin with an open-mic platform for ‘flash-talk’ styled presentations by those with related projects to raise awareness and support for their on-going contributions. Here are a couple of quick examples:

The Foreign Volunteers of Japan was created to engage with the energetic international network in Japan to do volunteer work in the wake of this tragedy. They are an open charity group and have been very active with aid delivery, and humanitarian relief efforts during the post-tsunami recovery of the Tohoku region. They have also kindly arranged for a Free 1st round of Murphy’s in exchange for your most considerate donation. We therefore now declare that a New Murphys Law is in order!

We also note the Hack For Japan network has a super range of industry partners and do hope to have some of that team attending in order for the community to connect with. Meanwhile, there is plenty of info online for their activities to-date. We look forward to welcome Nhat Vuong from i-Kifu & Michael Kato at Re-Cycle Project.

Looking at the calendar; July 11th is a Monday night and 4-month anniversary of the disaster. With this date in mind, it’s our sincere hope that we can – working together – plan a significant event for that evening. So, consider this an Open Call for all able and interested parties who would like to step forward to participate in any way possible. 😎

Date: Monday, 13 June 2011
Running Time: 19:00 – 23:00
Open Mic. Talks: 19:30 – 20:00
Networking: 20:00 – Close
Venue: BierVana :: GMAP
Admission: Cash Donations for CCCJ as per below


The Central Community Chest of Japan, part of the United Way worldwide network, is a fund-raising organization authorized by the Japanese government. It has been active for 64 years. The Disaster Relief Fund for Victims is a fund that delivers all the donations directly to the victims. The full amount of your donation will be delivered to the local government in each of the devastated areas. At this very moment, a large number of volunteers and NPOs are desperately supporting the victims who are trying to recover from this terrible tragedy. And, many people all over the world are supporting these victims, volunteers and NPOs. These disaster relief and recovery activities will continue for a very long time. Your support will give Japan strength. “ARIGATO” from Japan.