Partner Event: Startup Weekend X Ishinomaki 2.0

Update: A quick SuW activities video below along with Jpn Report here

Ok MoMoistas.. All Hands On Deck = Call To Action!

As featured within our last gathering on June 11th; we are honored to partner with Ishinomaki 2.0 and Startup Weekend for event in Tohoku July 27 – 29th. While all forms of support are most welcome – as always – the organisers are asking for folks interested and able to join as Mentors, Judges and Sponsors, noting there is limited space for non-local delegates to attend.. Register Here.

We are most thankful for your continued thoughtful contributions and kind support on these efforts. Expect planning of this combined project to continue, with several other target locations in the region, through the second half of 2012 with the annual Global Entrepreneurship Week running in mid-November.

We will update with more details asap.. Meanwhile: Get in Touch – Get Involved!