Bonenkai Report: i-Pod’s for All

Mobile Monday Tokyo’s “Super-Deluxe Bonenkai” hosted over 300 people at a swank, underground Roppongi niteclub on 14 November. For this year-end party event, we had no presentations, opting instead for a casual evening of business-card swapping and mobile networking. It was great to see such a wide mix of people from all corners of Tokyo’s wireless community attending for a super evening of cool jazz and, er… ‘fine’ wine.

It was also great to see high-profile attendees from the wireless carriers, ad agencies, several embassies and the hardware, application and content provider ecosystem in the house — plus at least a few VCs.

We had hoped to provide a free i-Pod shuffle to everyone, but the price-tag proved to be a bit steep… and with Santa being too busy to visit all the good mobile boys & girls, we settled for doing a business card draw instead. Congrats to the winners from Ante Music, Dai Job and Ubit…!!!

The next MoMo is in planning for mid-January 2006; we’ll send a notice to all registered MoMo members as well as post details here as soon as we have them. Meanwhile, have a super holidaze season.. =@_@=