Mobile Monday London Launch Event

The first Mobile Monday was held in London on 7 November packed the house at Vodafone’s Strand offices with presentations from organizer Dan Appelquist of Vodafone, Richard Jelbert from mTrack, Dennis Hettema from OP3/Shotcode and Chris Yanda from the BBC.

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London’s mobile industry now has a monthly get together thanks to Mobile Monday London, aka momo london. I went to the first meeting Monday evening, which I enjoyed.

There was a good bit of general discussion between speakers and audience. A common concern of the group that emerged was the difficulties of getting customers “into” a mobile product, in terms of the platform incompatibilities, awkwardness of user experience, and legal and other obstacles that make barriers for users to register with and start using a mobile product and service. Since this is something that affects and requires all three of the types of mobile animals that came to this event to work together to solve, Mobile Monday has the potential to be quite interesting.

Congrats and Welcome Aboard.. 😎