GPS Blogs, Flash and One-Seg TV at MoMo Tokyo

The Year of the Dog is flying by at 3G speed and, after taking an April break for Golden Week, the next Mobile Monday Tokyo event will be on May 15th – showcasing GPS blogs, Flash and mobile TV.

GPS Blogs, Flash and One-Seg TV at MoMo Tokyo

Guest presenters include a pair of genki mobile startups showing-off their GPS blogging and next-gen mobile Flash apps. Plus: A timely presentation on KDDI’s just-launched One-Seg mobile digital TV service! Join us for another full house in Harajuku down at the always fabulous KDDI Designing Studio. 😎

Guest presenters:

Mandali Khalesi — Co-Founder — NaviBlog Corp. .PDF
NaviBlogSoftware house NaviBlog‘s latest navigation-enabled blogging service, NaviBlog Mobile Beta, is fast, fun and free. Running straight off the browser, NaviBlog Mobile pushes the boundaries of browser applications and mobile 2.0. Exclusive to MoMo: preview the company’s upcoming mobile browsapp — NaviBlog 2.0 — due for launch later in 2006.

David ‘DC’ Collier — Founder & CEO — Pikkle KK .PDF
PikklePikkle provides official content to Japan’s mobile operators, including Charajam, Japan’s leading Flash portal. Charajam features this country’s best character designers and weekly updated ring-tone hits. The unique ‘Charajam mixer’ allows people to customize screensavers, picking characters and backgrounds, adding their own messages and even their own photos on top. Pikkle is introducing new core technology via a Flash application server, allowing full-screen interactive Flash to be generated in real time and creating a totally immersive mobile Flash experience.

Hitoshi Ienaka — Group Leader — KDDI Contents Media Div. .PPT
One-Seg.The full-service launch of 1seg terrestrial broadcast TV providing programs to digital tuner-enabled phones, car navi systems, and TVs started in Japan on 1 April. KDDI has introduced two new handsets (from Hitachi and Sanyo) and announced a tie-up with TV Asahi Corp. 1seg broadcasting utilizes H.264 video and AAC audio codecs in an MPEG-2 transport stream. Additional data, such as e-program guides, interactive services, etc., are delivered via BML (Broadcast Markup Language). Ienaka-san will provide an overview of this project going forward.

Sponsored by:
Morgan Lewis & Bockius and Jonckers Translation & Engineering

Date: Monday, 15 May 2006 :: 19:00 – 22:30
Venue: KDDI Designing StudioMAP
Admission: FREE with registration (below) — OR — JPY1,000 at the door
Complimentary drink ticket for first 200 guests!

18:30 – Doors Open
19:00 – Welcome/introduction
19:15 – First presentation
19:30 – Second presentation
19:45 – Third Presentation
20:00 – Networking
22:00 – Last call