Mobile Monday Tokyo: Massive Turn-Out!

Wow! We have always said we’d be happy if 80, maybe 100 people show up for any particular MoMo. And after a two-month summer break, and in the face of what has proven to be a destructive typhoon #14, we weren’t expecting such a large crowd. You proved us waaaaay wrong! 🙂

Can you spell chaos with a capital “K??” Woot! MoMo Tokyo’s 1st birthday bash was (almost) out of control. Best count, thanks to our somewhat tipsy volunteers, shows almost 300 strong turned out to munch and mingle with reckless abandon. It was super to see plenty of new faces combined with many of the usual suspects generating a vibrant buzz in the house all night long.

With fantastic presentations from FreeVerse Partners and Opera, this was definitely Tokyo’s best networking and mobile technology event of summer’s end. Our thanks to Saito-san and Brent Mori, guest speakers, and to Jeff Char for his smooth emcee efforts.

Daniel & Lawrence, your hard-working MoMo Tokyo crew, are already planning the October event, slated for Monday, 3 October, 2005. Check back for details and to grab copies of past MoMo files.