Mobile Monday – Oct. 18th – All About Location

MoMo Tokyo – October 18th – All About Location


Please pardon the short notice, we are just back from the MoMo Summit – Fantastic – finally we can confirm that our rumored October 18th event is a GO with the dedicated theme of Location (Location, Location) Based Services!

We have great speakers on-tap with a killer venue, so be sure to register in advance for a fantastic offer even at twice the price! A big Shout-out to the SkyHook Wireless team for their support, by all means do feel free to ping Maggie Taylor if you’d like to connect.

Also, we wanted to point-out the Ad:Tech Tokyo event is coming up at the end of October and MoMo’ers are entitled to a 20% discount – use DMJSHGU4 code – Check it Out!

Finally, a quick reminder our all-new Mobile Monday Global platform is live! Do take a look at the site and be sure to register and start connecting with members from other MoMo chapters worldwide. Otherwise, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter or Linkedin and get the latest from MoMo global via The Mob Rulz flash e’Zine.

Marc Einstein, Industry Manager, Mobile & Wireless APAC, Frost & Sullivan .PDF
Marc has over six years of experience in the telecommunications research industry, largely focusing on the Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East & Africa regions. Currently he leads a team of analysts responsible for all research and consulting in the mobile & wireless space covering twenty markets in the Asia Pacific region. Key research areas include 3G & 4G strategies, Mobile WiMAX, Mobile Devices, Mobile Capex, Mobile Content and Location-Based Services.

Takeshi Mitsutani, Owner/Managing Partner, Hcapnet .PDF
deCarta is the leading provider of advanced and comprehensive geospatial software platforms for today’s cutting-edge Internet, mobile, personal navigation and enterprise location-based service (LBS) applications. deCarta’s technology is a crucial link in the LBS value chain, providing the core functionality for mapping, navigation and local search and connecting base map data and content to the applications, service provider and ultimately the end-user.

Hiroaki Kando, Deputy General Manager, ZENRIN DataCom Co., LTD .PDF
ZENRIN DataCom aims to be the leading service provider for location data and map content via an easy-to-use real-time interface, empowering users to lead a richer, fuller life. Founded by ZENRIN in 2000 in order to provide Internet based Car-Navigation services. ZENRIN DataCom has developed a fleet of software and service products under the “itsmo NAVI” brand that provide vector and raster mapping, driving and pedestrian navigation, public transit guidance, and local search functionality to both consumer and enterprise clients.

Maggie Taylor, Marketing Manager, Skyhook Wireless .PDF
Skyhook developed the Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS). Taking advantage of the hundreds of millions of Wi-Fi access points throughout populated areas, WPS consistently provides accurate location information indoors and in urban areas. Skyhook also provides XPS, the world’s first true hybrid positioning system. Taking advantage of the relative strengths of several location technologies, WPS, GPS, cellular tower triangulation, XPS is the fastest, most accurate, most reliable and most flexible location system on the market today. Skyhook’s patented XPS technology is positioned to location-enable hundreds of millions of applications and mobile devices, including smartphones, netbooks, laptops, and gaming devices.

Date: Monday, 18 Oct. 2010
Open Hours: 19:00 – 23:00
Presentations: 19:30 – 20:30
Networking: 20:30 – Close
Venue: BierVana :: GMAP
Admission: 1,000 JPY with Advance Registration – OR – 2,000 JPY at the door
Includes: 2-drinks plus 1-plate, Outdoor Patio, a Huge Screen and Great People!
Please Register in Advance